Recent state of manufacturing and operating of DEVO

The COVID-19 has been shedding terrible influence on the whole world. At the begginning period from the January, just China suffered it. Then the pandemic expanded to the whole world, especially in the North America and the Europe. It could be concluded that China basically has controlled the spreading of the virus. But on the contrary , the US, Russia, India are becoming more severely.

The COVID-19 adds huge uncertainty into the relative processes of our manufacturing. The prices of necessary parts, freight cost are fluctating more frequently then the normal period without the virus. This leads to the price fluctation of our products. When we quote to our customers, it’s very difficult for us to make the quotation. Beyond this, the atomsphere of international trade is becoming colder and colder which lower the confidence of the end of demand. As a manufacturer, we could perceive that very obviously.

Though the trade environment is not so good recently. DEVO still finds our way of  manufacturing and exporting. We avail of every opportunity to contact our customer, meanwhile we check the quality of our products more rigorously. To our surprise, the sales increases a little bit more than the same period of last year.

All the things DEVO could do at this special period is trying best to do the thing we coul do, we believe the world economy definitely would recover from the COVID-19 .

Post time: 5月-16-2020

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