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  • Recent state of manufacturing and operating of DEVO

    The COVID-19 has been shedding terrible influence on the whole world. At the begginning period from the January, just China suffered it. Then the pandemic expanded to the whole world, especially in the North America and the Europe. It could be concluded that China basically has controlled the spr...
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  • The Cooperation between DEVO and College

           2019 NOV the 6th , the vice CCP secretary of Business Administration from Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology (XZCIT) visited DEVO. Through the bileteral meeting, both sides reached to the common intention of cooperation. After that, both XZCIT and DEVO grabed an opportunity, XZCIT app...
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  • DEVO, 100% Recovery from the COVID 19

    All the DEVO staff have come back to their relative positions. Now the machines and equipments of DEVO have been operating. The workers said that they are happy to come back and they miss the ever working days so much. The noises of clashing, bumping and cutting surround the workshop, the smell o...
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  • DEVO gradually come back on the regular track

    It has been to the March, the situation of the epidemic Coronavirus is becoming more and more optimistic in China. The daily data of the increment ofthe infected cases has been decreasing, the trend is encouaging. DEVO has summoned all the manufacturing and office staff, the machines and equipmen...
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  • DEVO, re-strart working during the period of coronavirus

    DEVO restarted our operation on Mar the 1st, the increment of  people who infected coronavirus has been consecutively keeping zero in the city of Xuzhou since last 2 weeks , also the similar situation in China except the province , Hubei, under this background the government of Xuzhou allowed ent...
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  • All DEVO staff together fight against the Coronavirus

    From the late December 2019, there bursted an epidemic disease which is now titled NeoCoronavirus in China. The original also the most severe region located the capital of Hubei Province, China, the city of Wuhan. The velocity of the infection was so fast which was the same situation in the facet...
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