The Cooperation between DEVO and College

       2019 NOV the 6th , the vice CCP secretary of Business Administration from Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology (XZCIT) visited DEVO.

Through the bileteral meeting, both sides reached to the common intention of cooperation. After that, both XZCIT and DEVO grabed an opportunity,

XZCIT applied to join a national competition of Sim enterpreneurship which only limits the candidates to the colleges or universities. One of the

requirements is that the college or university as the competitor must associate a real enterprise.

The initial cooperation between DEVO and XZCIT could get back to early Janurary. DEVO supplied the relative materials to XZCIT, such as

commercial contracts, proforma invoices, certificates which are useful to the program. Through nearly 3 months, we finally issued a project

business plan. The model of the competition is presentation, the first round is the competition in the city of Xuzhou, if the team breaks through, then

the 2nd round is the provincial competition, if the team is lucky enough, it will finally appear on the national stage.

We wish us good luck !


Post time: 4月-11-2020

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