The Practices of the Cooperation between DEVO and University

2020 Jan the 9th, three undergraduates and the vice secretary from College of Business Administration from Xuzhou College of Industrial

Technology (XZCIT) visited DEVO. It is the threshold of the winter vacation, so the students would got their spare time to get into the practices of

creation or establishment of enterprise. In earlier time (2019 Nov the 6th ) bilateral has contacted and agreed on the cooperation.

The undergraduates first got familiar with the daily operation of DEVO and then asked questions about the production lines of DEVO. They were

curious about everything, taking notes with communicating between DEVO staff. Some of the questions from the undergraduates were truly

inspirational and novel. From the angles of DEVO staff, the undergraduates were eager to learn and understand the

new knowledge and left the positive and deep impression to our company. The initial concrete intentions between DEVO and XZCIT were including:

1 At least 2 students would left to work as interns in DEVO not less than 3 days a week from Jan the 13th to March the 1st

2 DEVO would nominate one employee to help the 2 interns on the daily operation and the product lines, DEVO would offer the chances of

   practicing export Transactions

3 DEVO would also offer the chances to the 2 undergraduates to visit the factory more than 3 times to let them better understand the process of


4 The effect of the 2 interns would be checked in the form of report issued by DEVO at the end of Feb

This is the milestone of the cooperation between DEVO and XZCIT, bilateral believed both sides have taken the practical movements and hoped

the future would be fruitful!

As for DEVO, the staff has felt the social responsibility are on our shoulders.

Post time: 1月-10-2020

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