4 poles aluminium housing three phase asynchronous induction AC motor for reducer

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MS Series Three- Phase Asynchtonous Induction Motor

Three-phase asynchronous motors can be considered as the most reliable electrical machines: they carry out their function for many years with reduced mainte-nance and adapt themselves to different performances according to the requirements of both production as well as service applications.

AC motors have a significant impact on the total energy operation cost for industrial,  institutional and commercial buildings. Today, the major factor influencing the motor industry is energy efficiency driven by both increasingly demanding legislation and industry’s greater awareness of green issue responsibilities. Premium Efficiency and High Efficiency 3-phase Motors meeting the requirements of IE3 and IE2 efficiency levels in accordance with IEC 60034-30-1:2014 and test method IEC 60034-2-1;2007. There is emphasis on reducing the operating cost or weight and size of the motors.

Their applications are fit in the most different industrial sectors, such as food, chemical, metallurgical industries, paper factories or water treat-ment and extractive systems. The applications concern the equipment with machine components running at fixed or variable speed such as for example lifting sys-tems as lifts or good hoists, transporting systems as conveyors, ventilation and air conditioning installations, without forgetting the commonest use with pumps and compressors.

Features of 3 phase 
induction motor
Self-starting, Robust in construction
Economical, Easier to maintain.
Less armature reaction and brush sparking because of the absence of commutators and brushes that may cause sparks.
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Explode Diagram of MS Motor
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Mount Position and Dimension Diagram of MS Motor

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